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02-Sep-2016 12:25

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If yes, make sure and read this article before you sleep with him.Dating is nothing but pressure: let’s face it, it’s one big game. Many guys claim it’s what they want but those of us looking for a relationship want to get to know you (ALL of you) slowly and enjoy every savouring moment. Don’t be afraid to give a compliment (but only if you mean it). We’re nervous too so if we give the wrong answer to ‘do you ever see yourself getting married? Get that first date right and the hardest bit is over: you could well be on the way to a great relationship. We don’t want to have to consider the terror of meeting your dad until at least date three. We all love a bit of banter but we are attracted to you because you’re a woman so trying too hard to be one of the lads can be a bit off putting. Please don’t spend more of the date on your phone than with me. Get it wrong, and it’s back to Tinder with your tail between your legs and your ego bruised. It really is a scary prospect for us so give us time. Although we have expected that you might want to Instagram your meal.

Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry – some of the world's most beautiful and successful women have all complained of never being approached by men. High achieving women are asked out and chatted up less often - so are far more flattered when it does happen.

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Are you wondering: when should a woman have sex with a man?

This is why all the smart, successful, good-looking women you know are single and your more average looking and achieving friends are in relationships.

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Men might drool over pictures of supermodels but it's Ms Average most will seek out for a relationship.

The reasons given are mostly based on biology and the deeply ingrained issue of the fragile male ego.